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GSP-2900 Troubleshooting


GSP-2900 Fixed Phone


No dial tone
Lift the handset to your ear and listen. If you hear nothing, then:

  1. Verify that you telephone was installed properly.
  2. Verify that the telephone is plugged into the telephone jack.
  3. Check visually to see that the RAU and antenna have not been damaged.
  4. If steps 1 to 3 do not fix the problem, contact your local dealer.

Busy/Reorder tone

  1. The party you are calling is on another call.
  2. All system channels may be busy. Try to dial the number again in a few minutes.
  3. The Globalstar telephone may not be listed with the service provider. To register, contact your local dealer.
  4. The antenna or other QGFSP components may be broken or damaged. Weather conditions may be making phone transmission difficult. Contact your local dealer.
  5. Your unit may have power, but not be able to connect with the Globalstar system. Contact your local dealer.

Phone number dialed, but did not go through

  1. Check the telephone number. You may have misdialed or dialed incorrect numbers.
  2. The telephone you are dialing may be busy.

Phone does not ring

  1. You may have connected too many telephones.
  2. Check the ringer volume switch (if your phone has one) and set it to ring louder.
  3. Verify that the telephone is set to tone, not pulse.
  4. Be sure your telephone is plugged into the jack correctly.

Sound volume is too low
Another telephone in your building may be off the hook. Hang up the extension.

Poor reception
Check the telephone wiring inside your building. Worn or poor quality telephone wiring may need to be replaced.

Dial tone in middle of call
The call has been lost. Hang up, then dial again and attempt to reestablish the call.

No response

  • Your phone cannot contact the satellite. Check the location of your QGFSP antenna. The antenna must have a clear view of the sky and the horizon. If this is not true, that is, if there are obstructions to the antenna’s view, call your local dealer. You can remove the obstruction it is safe to do so.
  • If your power supply is equipped with a backup battery, check to see if the battery has grown weak or failed. You may need to replace the backup battery. Your local dealer can supply you with a new battery, if necessary.

    Note: If your telephone is working, you should always hear a tone of some type when you lift the handset.

    Note: The actual tones heard may vary according to what is used by your service provider.